**Virtual Market SPECIAL** Lepidolite Tree of life Mala


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Traditional 108 bead hand knotted Mala,made with 6mm Lepidolite and Morganite beads. Finished with ceramic Tree of life and Tassel.


Each Mala comes in a hand stamped linen bag, the stamp is hand carved from India with a Hamsa hand (The Hand of Fatima). Hamsa is said to provide protection, good fortune and luck.


*Each Mala is a original creation, therefore one of a kind. The item pictured is the exact item you will receive.


Healing properties

Lepidolite: Relieves stress, promotes calmness, improves meditation,awakens insight, facilitates connection with the divine.

Chakra: Crown and Third eye

Morganite: Powerful high vibration, universal stone of unconditional love. Helps foster and maintain love. Morganite activates and cleanses the heart chakra, connecting to divine love.


Cleansed with a smudging ritual and ready to work energetically for you!


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