Inner-sight Bracelet


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Beautiful frosted Clear Quartz with sparkly facetted Blue Apatite, finished with sterling silver accent beads.

Healing Properties

Blue Apatite: Enhances self expression and allows one to look inward, facilitates inspiration for ideas and creating, promotes energy to aid in manifesting ones desires, improves motivation.

Chakra: Throat, Third eye


Clear Quartz: The OG stone aka master healer, I think of this as the mother of stones. One of the most common minerals in the world, its healing energy is strong and works to help with any type of healing, increases energy and has the ability to cleanse and amplify energies. Clear quartz also has the power to cleanse and amplify other crystals as well as spaces.

Chakra: All but particularly the Crown Chakra

Sizing Note:The elastic cord used is stretchy most bracelets are made to fit the “average” adult size wrist. However there really is no normal or average wrist size we are all different. If you feel you need a smaller or larger size please contact me by leaving a note in the “note section” when placing your order


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