Garnet,Sandalwood & Howlite Mala


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Traditional 108 bead hand knotted Mala, Made with 6mm Garnet and Howlite and Sandalwood Beads.Finished with hand carved wood Guru bead and handmade tassel.

Measures 19 inches

Each Mala comes in a hand stamped linen bag, the stamp is hand carved from India with a Hamsa hand (The Hand of Fatima). Hamsa is said to provide protection, good fortune and luck.

Healing properties: Sandalwood: Used for centuries in ceremonies and rituals to help calm the mind for meditation and stillness.

Howlite: A powerful grounding stone, Assists in bringing ones dreams to reality and in learning the difference between a true vision and a fantasy. Helps one to see the silver lining during difficult times.

Garnet: Enhances passion and love while supporting a grounding energy. Often called “the stone of health” for its ability to extract negative energy and transform the energy to a beneficial state. Garnet has also been known as “the stone of contentment” to purpose,to others,to oneself. The loving energy of garnet reflects attributes of devotion,bringing the love of others to expression of warmth and understanding.

This Mala is cleansed with a smudging ritual and ready to work energetically for you!


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