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Traditional 108 bead hand knotted Mala. Made with 8mm Tigers eye, Basalt, bone and finished with hematite accent beads.This Mala is very special it features a hand carved bone buddha that replaces the traditional tassel at the end of a Mala.

Healing Properties

Tigers eye: A powerful stone that encourages personal power, boosts confidence and strengthens sense of self, and increasing courage, energy and providing protection from negative energy.

Chakra: Solar plexus

Basalt:  Basalt is volcanic rock thought to foster a deep connection to the earth while offering a powerful grounding energy.

Chakra: Root

Hematite: Absorbs negative energy, aids in grounding, calms stress, helps one to develop self control and provides balance.

Chakra: Root

*Each Mala comes in a hand stamped linen pouch ready for gift giving it also makes a great storage bag for your Mala.The stamp used is hand carved from India with a Hamsa hand (The Hand of Fatima) Hamsa is said to provide protection, good fortune and luck.

*Each Mala is a original creation, therefore one of a kind. The item pictured is the exact item you will receive.

Cleansed with a smudging ritual and ready to work energetically for you!


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