Balance & Mindfulness Bracelet


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Made with fragrant  8mm Sandalwood beads and Basalt stone finished with sterling silver beads.

This is a great unisex bracelet!

Fun fact: Essential oils can be used on the wood and the Basalt stone. The natural crevices in the stone hold the oils so you can carry your favorite sent with you.

Healing Properties 

Sandalwood:Sandalwood has been used for centuries in ceremonies & rituals to help calm the mind for meditation and stillness.

Basalt: A volcanic rock thought to foster a deep connection to the earth while offering a powerful grounding energy.

Chakra: Root

Sizing Note:The elastic cord used is stretchy most bracelets are made to fit the “average” adult size wrist. However there really is no normal or average wrist size we are all different. If you feel you need a smaller or larger size please contact me by leaving a note in the “note section” when placing your order.


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