My name Is Katie,

I live In Tacoma, WA with my boyfriend and our two kitties. I grew up here in the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, cooking, being with nature, plants, gardening, and yoga!
I became familiar with Malas during my yoga teacher training. After a huge loss five years ago, I came to realize more than ever how short life truly is. This is where my biggest spiritual growth happened. I quit my job as a preschool teacher and relocated to work on a farm in Hawaii. I found myself living a simple life, learning, creating valuable relationships, trying new things, and being content with less. The island was a place to work through the grief I was experiencing.
After a month of working on the farm the opportunity for yoga teacher training came up and I said, yes! I was gifted a beautiful Mala shortly after. I carried the Mala with me daily to use to begin my meditation practice. Life is busy, I found it difficult to quiet the mind for meditation at any given moment. I experienced the benefits of a daily meditation practice during my yoga training. I saw the benefits and felt them. My Mala helped me come to a place of stillness and having something to hold and feel was beneficial. It was a way to quiet the mind and ease into it. The stones, which were used to make this Mala, were beautiful but the metal quickly tarnished. I felt the quality was poor overall. Using my hands to create has always been a huge source of joy for me, I knew I could create my own Mala if I tried, and so I did. My first Mala was not my best, but it was inspiring. I was constructing my own creation and to me that’s what mattered. Shortly after I started making Malas, I found the entire process to be overall very meditative. I would light a candle and put lots of love and intention into my work. It was a time for me to use my creative energy to slowdown and disconnect from the rest of the world.
I am no expert in Buddhism but I do know that Buddhists have used Malas for centuries as a way to bring the body, mind, and spirit into stillness and contemplation. I always encourage the use of my Malas as a meditation tool. Some people just wear them and that’s okay too. I love sharing the healing properties of each stone and help connect the wearer to the natural aspects each crystal has to offer. I truly believe that every crystal and stone carry vibrational frequencies and harnesses energy that is very powerful to the open mind. Beyond fulfilling my passion to create, being involved in Tacoma’s creative community connects me with so many amazing human beings. Attending local markets and meeting new local artists is so rewarding. I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to share my work with you all.
My hope is to bring beautiful jewelry to as many people as I can, while encouraging and potentially planting a seed for spiritual growth in whatever form that looks like for you!


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7 thoughts on “The Artist”

  1. I purchased a Mala from Katie at a market this summer and it is GORGEOUS. The quality is amazing and I just love the way it feels and looks to hold or to wear. It’s among my favorite things.

  2. I asked Katie to make a special Mala for me so that I could begin my meditation practice. We talked back and forth about stones that I might like and through conversation Katie made one that fits my personality perfectly. 😊 I had a very special moment and I brought my Mala to Thailand. I hiked up Tiger Cave Temple with it and Afterwards I was lucky enough to have it blessed by one of the Monks 💗💗 I can’t thank Katie enough for designing something so special and beautiful for me!

    1. Kay,
      Thank you for letting me create something special for you, It bring me great joyto create wearable Art that helps foster growth and spirituality on lifes journey! I hope your mala will grow with you and be by your side on many adventures!

  3. I am in LOVE with Katie’s jewelry. I was gifted a darling moonstone and jasper bracelet for my birthday, and amethyst earrings for Valentine’s day.

    The bracelet is comfortable to wear and I find myself staring at it constantly! I am working with her now on a special order second bracelet, one to match my morganite wedding ring and compliment my moonstone and jasper. I am over the moon excited with every quick response I get back from her!

    My amethyst earrings are my favorite pair of earrings I have! They’re also very comfortable and my curly hair never gets wrapped up in them. My only complaint is that I can’t look at them constantly! I may need to put more mirrors in my apartment… 🙂

  4. I really appreciate Katie’s work. It is truly full of intention. She is sure to answer any questions about healing properties and share her knowledge and truth to help others. I met her at a local event last fall and purchased an aventurine bracelet from her then. I followed her IG after that and have purchased a couple of stones and a beautiful mala from her since then. We are currently working together on a custom pair of earrings, which is easy because she’s so quick to respond and communicate. I can’t tell you how much I love my mala, in particular. It’s opened the door for me to really consciously surround myself with energies that will help me realize my best and purest self, as well as remembering to be mindful throughout the day. If you are looking for meaningful, wearable art, look no further!

  5. Katie’s work is beautiful, great quality, and personal. She communicated with me to make sure all the details aligned with my vision for a mala and a few bracelets for my wedding. She created all the jewelry quickly and perfectly customized for the occasion. At markets she always have a great collection of stones and jewelry. I’m incredibly grateful for Katie’s kindness and hard work. I can’t wait to add more Transcending Stone pieces to my collection.

  6. Katie creates gorgeous malas! I like to wear them wrapped around my wrist and she worked very diligently to help me size one to create the perfect fit. She was so accommodating and interactive through the whole process and let me choose all of the details of my mala. I am so impressed with the quality of her work and her incredible customer service. I highly recommend her jewelry!!

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